Mine is about 1,900
What is your record of generations in Life?
what does jesse like
(9 - 10) - (9 - 10) = ?
wait 2
(1,000,000 - 999,999) - (999,999 - 1,000,000) = ?
-99 + (100 - 1) + (3 - 4) = ?
(-99 + (100 - 1) + (3 - 4) = ?
(2 - 4 + 3) - (101 - 100) = ?
(999 + 1) + (-999 - 1) = ?
(5 + 5) + (5 - 5) - 10 = ?
wait 0
5 - (5 x 2) + 5 = ?
810 or 2x405
(3 - 6) - (6 - 3) = ?
(1 + 7) + (1 - 7) = ?
(1 - 7) - (7 - 1) = ?
(7 - 1) + (1 - 7) = ?
Monday 5-23-2022 I just beat that hard level. It was the next game after you left facetime!!!
25 - (25 + 1) = ?
1 + (444 - 445) = ?
(2019 - 2018) - (2017 - 2016) = ?
(99 + 1) - (99 + 1) = ?
Looks like Chewy had an out of control finger problem!
(23 - 22) + (23 - 22) - 2 = ?
[5] NO!go to q5
4 x 32 =?
No,I mean I don't under stand.
Hint: he eats 1 and 1/2 pounds each day
no clue
Jesse has 6 pounds of bratwurst. He eats 1/2 a pound at each meal. If he eats 3 meals a day, how long will his bratwurst last him?
(21 x 2) - 40 = ?
(3 x 3) - (2 x 2) = ?

15 - (3 x 5) = ?
7 x 7 - 9 = ?
592 + 200 - 92 = ?
41 + 23 - 3 = ?
You will soon see my lunch being prepared. And I will explain the no shirt Bub.
What is your lunch?
why are you not wering any shirt?
Chewbacca may have empty pockets,

But in shotwars he has rockets.

Chewy Chewbacca

Is ready to rocka

And unlock the locka

To hear the tick tocka

The sound of a clocka

Or the birds in a flocka

While he wears just one socka

And applies his sunblocka

On the door he will knocka

Then run around the blocka

And set a record that will shocka

bockser v bow
shotgun v rocket man?
sniper v pistle ?
Bow v pistal?
smg v rocket man?
Flame thrower v rocket man?
Ak47 v Flame thrower?
The magic nose cleaner only works if your nose is blue. The hyenas gave you 3 new noses, and Rabbit's magic potty gave you 7 more and Big Joe Daddy gave you 5 more. If you have an even number of noses, your nose is green. An odd number means a blue nose. Does the nose cleaner work?
7 and 28.
7 and 28.
The hyenas gave you 5 new legs. Then they turned all your big toes into belly buttons. Then they turned all your other toes into bananas. How many belly buttons do you have? How many bananas?
7 red 8 green
And the biggest cat found 1 of the lost green mittens and gave it back to the littlest cat.

And the littlest cat lost two green mittens.
Four cats were wearing green and red mittens on ALL their paws.
I see 1 Cat with only red mittens.
I see 1 Cat with only green mittens.
I see 1 Cat with 3 green mittens and 1 red mitten
I see 1 Cat with 2 red mittens and 2 green mittens

How many green mittens are there in all.
How many red mittens in all.

4 pieces of strawberries,14 blueberries,and 8 pieces of banana.So 26.
The Duchess is eating breakfast. She has two strawberries which she cut up into 4 quarters for each strawberry. She cut a half of a banana into 8 pieces. She added 16 blueberries.
She dropped 6 blueberries on the floor and found only 4 of them. She ate 1 whole strawberry. How many pieces of fruit are left in the bowl?

9 x 9O =?
When you went out into the snow, half of your nose fell off. The hyenas felt sorry for you so they gave you 5 more nostrils. How many noses do you have now?
You didn't realize it, but overnight you somehow grew a new butt cheek. Then Jesse gave you 4 and a half fannies. How many butt cheeks do you now have?
5 and a half.
You ate some magic beans and grew 14 new fannies. Then Jesse got jealous and took away 12 of your fannies. Then you ate some magic peas and grew 2 and a half fannies. How many fannies do you have not?
You lost six of your 49 beyblades, and then Jesse stole another 25. Then you found 17 under your pillow. How many beyblades do you have now?
7 and 17
Jesse gave you 3 new tails and 14 extra toes. Then he gave you 4 more tails and took away 7 toes. How many tails do you have? How many toes?
2 and 3
The hyenas gave you 4 more noses and 25 more ears. Rabbit used his magic potty to remove 3 noses and 24 ears. How many noses and ears do you now have.
Yes.The two apples caused it.
You ate 2 apples followed by 3 bananas. Then you ate 5 pears and a dozen more apples. If you eat more than 20 fruit you will have a tummy ache. Do you have a tummy ache? How could you have avoided the tummy ache?
5 minutes late.
You wake up in the morning at 6:00 AM. You need to leave the house by 6:30 or you'll be late. You need 5 minutes to brush your teeth and wash your face. You need 10 minutes to dress, and 15 minutes to eat breakfast. You then polish your nose for 5 minutes. Will you be late? If so, how late? If you're early, how early?
The hyenas gave you 5 extra legs. Then you took off 3 of them. Then the hyenas gave you 4 extra noses. Then you took off 3. How many legs and noses do you have?
-3 + 1 -2 +1 = ?
Math: I lost 3 teeth, then I put 1 back. Then I lost 2 more. Then put back 1 more. How may teeth did I lose?
If you DON'T lose a tooth does the negative tooth fairy visit and if so who is that?
I mean no/yes.
What happens if you lose a tooth and accidentally flush it down the toilet? Does the tooth fairy go there?
My mom!
Do you have a tooth fairy in your house?
Under your tummy!
Does she leave money in your tummy?
Not much...
Does it hurt?
She goes to your tummy!
What happens if you lose one tooth, but then SWALLOW it. Does the tooth fairy still visit?
If Chewbacca loses all his teeth: Chewbacca can't chew!
He can't chew any more!
No clue.
What happens if he loses ALL his teeth at once?
The tooth fairy leaves a lump of coal. Is that a good thing?
Okay but what if Mr. Claus loses a tooth?
Santa Claus comes and takes the tooth.
No clue.
What happens when the tooth fairy loses a tooth?
If you go to Mars without a spacesuit you may get a bloody nose, or worse!!
Doing math on Mars?
So we wear space suits, go to Mars, then find shiny dust and put it in a bag?
A bag.
A sippy cup?
Do you have a container for the shiny dust? A bucket, a tank, a sippy cup?
What do we put it in?
We go to mars
How do we get shiny dust from Mars?
Space suit needed?
Let's go to Mars. How do we do that?
Do you have a drone for that?
No idea!
If y



Messages In The Secret Passage From The 2 Ns

-1- Fred is now the leader of the hyenas. He's wearing his new baseball cap and telling everyone to be friendly and love the hyenas.

-2- The hyenas have surrendered.

-3- Rabbit is still sleeping, but his eyes are open and he's wearing a witches hat. And there are a bunch of weird objects nearby. Chewbacca probably knows about the witches hat and if so, let us know. We're very curious about this. Rabbit has been asleep for a very long time and we hope he's ok.

-4- Carmella wants to change her name to Carmie.

-5- Manny thinks he found the key to the mirror. Also thinks he found the real mirror and is going in to check it out. Is that ok?

-6- Jimmy has disappeared again and may have become tiny. Our spies saw some hyenas capturing him in a jar. They think that they may have given him some apple pie made from rotten apples. Or was it pizza? Help us figure this out.

-7- There are hundreds of wolf statues in the woods that look very much like real wolves.

-8- Buffalo Bob is talking backwards.

-9- Big Joe Daddy found another magic book titled "The Plan For Victory." The author is Jesse. Holy cow! We think you guys need to check it out.

-10- Josephine was last seen playing with a pair of scissors. She really seems to be enjoying herself cutting paper dolls, but no one wants to go near her now. We know why, but someone needs to convince her to stop using them.

-11- There's a hole in the woods full of red pens. But we forgot what they're for. Any clue?

-12- Mind control version 225 has been activated.

-13- The honey tree was blown down in a wind storm. Now anyone can get in without using the password.

-14- The ship sank next to the dock and all the teeny tinies escaped into the woods.

-15- Hi Hi doesn't come when you call his name.

-16- Ruth is believed to be in the black ball that's rolling around the dock. We got a text from her that is asking for help. Can you guys deal with this?

-17- Arthur found the flower generator and is in trouble. He pushed the black button and no one can recognize him now. Our spies told us something crazy - he looks like a monster with just one eye. Definitely needs your help.

-18- There's some weird powder under the table in the wolf headquarters. The poker game was about to begin but Grykein says he wants to put water on the powder first to reveal what's really there. We know something happens to the special powder (if that's what this is) when you add water, but forgot exactly what happens. We suspect you guys know, so fill us in.

-19- When the honey tree was blown down all the vaults opened and everything spilled out. That can't be good!

-20- Donkey Dust claims he can time travel now and we think he wants to help Jesse's plan. But we can't figure out how he's going to do that by traveling in time. If you guys know something maybe you can help prevent a disaster.

-21- Rinky Dink says he knows where Jesse is - on the island building a rocket ship and special drones.

-22- That umbrella lying beside sleeping Rabbit is not a real umbrella, so beware! Our spies think it makes weird clouds that turn day into night when the umbrella is opened. So if Rabbit wakes up don't let him open it!

-23- That drone in the bucket appears to be alive! It's talking about Jesse's big plan for victory coming from another planet. Does that even make sense?

-24- Those red flowers need to be removed from the secret passage. Don't go near there unless you want to get stuck. You'll be rolling on the ground and laughing so hard you can't do anything.

-25- The silver box has something in it that's trying to get out. Manny is investigating but we're concerned for him. We're pretty sure he wants to open it. Do you guys have the key and is it safe to give it to him?

-26- Don't look at the gold flower growing near the old honey tree. You will not be able to look away. We had to use hyena undo on each other in order to get away. It traps your vision so make sure you have some undo if you go near it.

-27- All those holes in the ground have things in them - might be wolves or cougars or hyenas, or something else, possibly even worse. Our spies think those holes are black beauties. Can you check it out to make sure there's no danger to us?

-28- Carmella (now Carmie) appears to be talking, but no one can hear her. And she's getting very annoyed at everyone because she thinks that no one is listening to her.

-29- We can see by looking through the telescope that something is happening on Mars that is not good! Looks like a war is being planned.

-30- Buffalo Bill's grave has some weird new flowers growing there that look like pink mushrooms. But they smell like stinky feet! Buffalo Bob wants to pick them to get rid them if you think that's ok.

-31- There are some notes that are writing themselves. They say things like "Help us. Use the hyena undo on us, quick!" We have no idea what they are talking about.

-32- That shiny thing is looking into the future, and it shows hundreds of red hats getting into a rocket ship and taking off. But where they're going is a mystery.

-33- A giant human was spotted by the big rock, but she has no belly button! And we think she's not the only one. Don't get stepped on!!

-34- If you find a green bottle with a hyena symbol on it that says "open me for good luck." We don't think you should open it until you find out what will happen. Maybe ask Big Joe Daddy. We doubt it's good luck.

-35- Those glasses that let you see hidden doors might be useful in Ruth's office according to our spies. They think there are hidden passages that lead directly to the island. But be careful if you go and take some equipment just in case.

-36- We found lots of magic sweatshirts in the woods that definitely prevent the sleep gun from working, but once you wear them, you can't take them off! We say don't put them on. Not sure it's worth it.

-37- Those beautiful presents are labelled "For Chewbacca and Darth" and they look like they're from Big Joe Daddy. But when we asked him about them, he didn't know what we were talking about. So be cautious if you have to open them! Maybe you don't have to.

-38- We found a phone that keeps getting calls from someone named Pigs Feet, who is trying to get in touch with Jesse. He says he has an important message about a problem with the passwords to the hideout, but won't tell anyone except Jesse.

-39- Buffalo Bob told us he found a bunch of perfect copies of Chewbacca. And they all claim to want to learn hyena magic. Chewbacca, do you know about this? Who made copies of you? Do you really want to learn hyena magic again? Last time it didn't turn out so good - we're sure you remember that!

-40- Our spies tell us that Jesse never did surrender. In fact he is preparing to attack the cougars from Mars. He's building an army of red hats and drones that are alive. So it looks like message #2 is not correct.

-41- Someone delivered a pizza to us. Smells great!  We think this is the food we should feed to tiny Jimmy if we ever find him. Let us know if you agree. Maybe it's the other way around - rotten apples to get big, pizza to get small? We're confused and need your help.

-42- Ruth says Jimmy has a tracker on him so even if he's tiny she can find him. She wants your drones to help her because she has her own problems - stuck in a black ball down by the dock.

-43- The hyenas were laughing hysterically when the wolves' poker game was cancelled. It seems the cards started changing after they were dealt and everyone thought there was cheating going on. This seems familiar somehow.

-44- If Big Joe Daddy really gave everyone those free baseball caps, why is he telling everyone not to wear them? We think it might have something to do with "version 225" but we're not sure. We're going to put one on if you think it's ok. What harm could a little baseball cap do?

-45- Manny thinks he recognized the voice in the silver box. He thinks it might be Jimmy, but he's unable to open it - the key is missing. He says Chewbacca knows where the key is. He needs your help to free Jimmy.

-46- We found some purple pumpkins and think they might be dangerous. Come and check them out. Also we're planning a surprise birthday party for Big Joe Daddy, but we don't know when yet.

-47- There's a note on the old oak tree that says the pink mushrooms stink, BUT they are delicious and they ALSO make you invisible for 5 minutes which is cool. But there is a negative side effect: No one will be able the hear you when you speak for a good long while.

-48- Our spies say the island has a huge number of magic seeds that they think we should plant in our garden if we can get them. They are growing fruit that turns into devices and crystals that destroy hyena magic if you can learn how to use them. Might work on version 225, but we don't know without trying.

-49- We discovered this unusual thing that looks like lips or a mouth. It gets stuck on your face so maybe avoid it. There are lots of tiny buttons with different names. One says "Chewbacca." Oh and Darth is here too. Actually everyone we know has a button on this thing. This is too weird. We're afraid to try it.

-50- The spies got stuck upside down when they smelled that polka dotted flower growing down by the dock. It lasted for over an hour, so probably not a good idea to smell them. But maybe we can use them against the hyenas!

-51- There are some great tasting cupcakes that are packed in a box that says they make you fly. But when you eat them nothing happens. This somehow seems familiar but we don't remember why. We left them for you in the secret passage.

-52- We intercepted a message from Jesse to all the hyenas. The attack is coming from Mars and is planned to coincide with Big Joe Daddy's birthday party. We need to find out when his birthday is so we can plan for this. This is IMPORTANT! Also, our spies heard a hyena named Pigs Feet (ha ha!) talking to Jesse. And Jesse didn't even know when the attack he planned was happening! Pigs Feet is so confused!

-53- Manny could not find the key so he broke open the box using a special magic feather. Hi Hi came out and ran away. But it might not be the real Hi Hi, since he doesn't come when you call his name. This is very weird!

-54- Turns out that those paper dolls that Josephine is cutting with the scissors can destroy version 225 if you tell them to do so. She didn't realize she was doing this great magic but there's a problem. Josephine smells too bad right now so we're not even going to try to tell her. But maybe you can message her or use a nose pincher and go over there.

-55- We overheard Donkey Dust's plan. He's going back in time wearing a sweatshirt and a gold star necklace to convince everyone to welcome Jesse and the hyenas when they arrive for Big Joe Daddy's birthday party. That way there will be no resistance and the hyenas will just win by arriving. We need to foil this plan by stopping Donkey Dust if you guys can figure out how to do that.

-56- Those baseball caps make you think you are a hyena, and that hyenas are great. DON'T WEAR THEM!! But it's also NOT version 225, which will come down from the sky on thousands of parachutes on BJD's birthday.

-57- There's a little jar that's floating in the water down by the dock. The spies say there's a tiny creature inside who looks like Jimmy. But it's NOT Jimmy - doesn't have the ear scar.

-58- The notes that keep writing themselves are now getting desperate. "HELP! We need you to use the undo on us NOW! We're turning into someth..." We kept thinking this was a trick or a trap, but now we think it's actually real. We put those notes in a box to send to you, but the messages all disappeared and now the box only has a couple of pairs of underpants. Weird!

-59- There's a signup sheet by the big rock that promises to make you powerful. It reads, "Sign up for powerful magic lessons today and learn how to become a wizard in just 3 easy steps!" Buffalo Bob signed up, but everyone else is just waiting to see how he does before they sign up.

-60- Fred is still wearing that cap and telling everyone that his new name is Nobody. We thought we heard him say, "Nobody loves the hyenas." But that means that HE loves the hyenas! We hope we misheard that! We need to get that cap off his head!

-61- Rinky Dink is looking for Ruth. Says he has Jimmy and will give him to Ruth if she will help Jesse with the plan. But he could not find Ruth and we hope she's ok. He wants her to give out some baseball hats to everyone she knows.

-62- A whole bunch of red hats are dressed up like cougars and asking where Chewbacca and Darth are. They say they want to be BFF with them.

-63- No one can find Hi Hi. The creature that Manny let out of the box was just a copy and started giving out free baseball caps. But our spies say that the real Hi Hi was on the rocket ship headed for Mars. We hope he's not working with Jesse.

-64- We just saw Buffalo Bob and he's wearing a baseball cap and looks like he may have 5 legs! And Jelly Belly was giving him lessons on how to make your tongue grow hair. That's crazy!

-65- The pizza delivery guy looks exactly like Chewbacca, and when we looked at the pizza he was delivering we found it wasn't a pizza, but a phone that keeps ringing. We kept it and we're not answering it until you say it's ok.

-66- Way up in the sky are some objects that are slowly descending. They can't be birds because birds don't fly like that.

-67- Donkey Dust is helping with Jesse's attack. He's planning to get rid of all the hyena repellant, by going back in time before BJD's birthday party and finding every bottle. Then he's going to replace them with something that smells like strawberries but is not. We forgot what that stuff is, but maybe you guys remember.

-68- The spies tell us that the teeny tinies are armed with miniature sleep guns and will come out of the woods and start using them when the time is right.

-69- Rinky Dink has a special tool that destroys hyena undo. He's teaching Fred how to use it everywhere so that there will no longer be any undo left when Jesse arrives.

-70- There's a new kind of black ball the hyenas call "Black Uglies." They create holes that are very dangerous because they are permanent and bottomless and can't be picked up. You can spot them because they appear to vibrate. They were in the honey tree, all locked up, but when the tree was blown over, they all spilled out. A few were activated by accident so you need to avoid those holes now. We think you can reverse them with white balls, but need a lot of them to do it successfully. Spies say 10 white balls per 1 Black Ugly. Hope you have a good supply, and we suggest you don't go near the tree without a good supply. If you fall in, you're in trouble.

-71- Carmie got trapped when she looked at the gold flower at the honey tree. If you look at that flower you will not be able to look away unless you're wearing the special glasses. Take a spare pair and put them on Carmie. Remember, she'll be moving her lips but you can't hear her because she ate the pink mushrooms. Use some undo.

-72- There's only one effective sweatshirt destroyer and Jimmy stole it from the hyenas. It looks like a remote controller that you aim at a sweatshirt before pushing the button. You have to be close to the sweatshirt to use it, but if you aim it accurately, the sweatshirt will disappear. So this is a very valuable tool. But we can't find Jimmy. We know we need it to stop Donkey Dust. If you ever find Jimmy, use a cherry to duplicate the destroyer so we won't have only one! This could save the day!

-73- Flashlights will not work if the umbrella is opened and day turns to night. And it's not a normal kind of night. No moon, no stars! It becomes totally dark!! DO NOT let Rabbit open that umbrella! We won't be able to see ANYTHING!

-74- Jesse was spotted in the woods with millions of teeny tinies practicing with sleep guns. No wait! Those are NOT sleep guns. They are version 225 units. Go cut some paper dolls with the scissors NOW!!

-75- The hyenas are trying to recover the honey tree and they intend to reset the password to protect their secrets from their enemies. Might be a good idea to stop them before you guys are locked out!

-76- Carmie found a special feather and is able to use it to change hyenas into underpants. That feather can also do other cool things. Go see her. She's on the window sill of the giant monkey's house preparing for the attack from Mars. We think she is going to be very useful.

-77- Buffalo Bob is still talking backwards but he knows something very important if you can figure out what he's saying. He now knows a lot of hyena magic from the lessons he took. He figured out how to make some very cool paper planes that can stay in flight forever once you throw them. But he's also very good at destroying Black Uglies! That's what we need!

-78- Jimmy has something in his pocket that he forgot about but we need it to find out where Jesse is hiding. It's not a tracker, but a finder. A FINDER!! It will automatically find whoever is the target! Ask Jimmy about it!

-79- There's a strange fire near the hyenas hideout. Those yellow-orange flames are COLD, not hot! And if you're not afraid you can hear them speaking! If you try to roast marshmallows over it, the fire will first freeze them and then it will actually EAT them! And then it will thank you. Ask the flames for help with something.

-80- We found an old radio that sometimes reports the news from the Weird News Network. We heard a story about a hyena leader that everyone thought was turned into a pig by some cougars. Doesn't that sound familiar? Also heard a report that Rinky Dink is destroying all the undo and Donkey Dust is destroying all the hyena repellant. We heard all of this before and it's all BAD!

-81- One of these will be very valuable to fend off the attack: (1) the old shoe, (2) the bar of soap, (3) the sippy cup. The other 2 are valuable for other reasons.

-82- Ingredients for the anti-magic soap: golden flowers, polka dot flowers, red flower, white flower, shiny sand from Mars, pink mushrooms, bear saliva, crow feathers, plus 2 secret ingredients.

-83- Someone stole Fred's sippy cup. They probably thought it was valuable, and maybe it is.

-84- Donkey Dust has a new magic toy that can make any animal footprints just by pushing the right buttons. It looks like an old shoe. He's been making elephant footprints to confuse everyone, even though there are no elephants around here.

-85- Our spies tell us that Rinky Dink is working on another kind of soap that prevents Ruth's soap from preventing hyena magic. To make it he needs all the same indredients but instead of bear saliva they use wolf saliva.

-86- Carmella is very upset because she can see that someone, who left cougar footprints, left the freezer door open and everything melted. So Fred will not be happy.

-87- Is that Jimmy who is giving the hyenas his wolf saliva? And why is he doing such a crazy thing? YUCK!

-88- Someone pulled some of Carmella's feathers out after putting her to sleep. There were some cougar footprints all over the place. Carmella is very angry.

-89- If the green box says "225" on the bottom, don't push the button!

-90- Our spies tell us that Tommy replaced the water from the melted snowman with plain water before he left. But Ruth knows how to get more - it's a bit complicated.

-91- The box says "orange bath mat" and it's rolled up inside. If you take it out an unroll it be aware it's not what you think.

-92- The N's spies say that thousands of teeny tinies are waiting for a signal from Jesse to swarm into the wolf's headquarters to steal the soap once Ruth successfully makes it. They are so tiny that they can easily get in there without anyone even seeing them until it's too late.

-93- Looks like Ruth can make the soap. For some strange reason all the ingredients that were stolen have been returned, so she is now mixing up a batch.

-94- Use the orange bath mat to trap the teeny tinies before they steal the soap. Put the soap on a chair and put the chair on the mat.

-95- Buffalo Bob has been trying to reach you. You need to call him!  He says he found a whole lot of Christmas presents in a hole that say they're from Big Joe Daddy. But BJD is on vacation, so he could not have sent them. And besides, it's not Christmas!!

-96- If you find a stopwatch set for 10 seconds, be aware that it is no ordinary stopwatch. If you start it, ten seconds later everything will appear to freeze in place. But that is NOT what is actually happening. This might seem useful, but it might also be very confusing. And once you use it, you lose it. Seek advice before using!

-97- Manny found a stopwatch and used it to prevent the hyenas from capturing him, so he might be able to help you understand what it does. But our spies tell us he later opened a Christmas present from Big Joe Daddy, and we haven't heard from him since then.

-98- Our spies tell us that the creature who looks like Jimmy is not even a wolf, but a hyena. Don't trust this guy. You should know that in his backpack he always carries a bunch of tools - a sleep gun, a spatula, a Black Beauty, a White Beauty, a pocket knife, a ball of string, and other stuff. So if you catch him, make sure he's either asleep or disabled so he can't use any of his tools, otherwise he can escape pretty quickly.

-99- Jesse was seen entering the honey tree along with 2 other hyenas. They were laughing and carrying some strange devices that looked like toothbrushes. We don't know what they are, but the spies overheard them talking about "their new secret weapon." This can't be good. We think you need to talk to Big Joe Daddy before you go over there, and even then you probably need some special protection.

-100- Jesse knows you have his stopwatch and is coming for it.

-101- The only thing that counters the toothbrush is the water pistol. Hyena undo will not work, so if you don't have the pistol, soap up.

-102- The spies tell us that the hyenas are worried about Jesse after they saw something very strange happen that might involve a copy or a clone. They observed Jesse capturing another Jesse with a black ball, but then the Jesse in the black ball started insisting that HE was the REAL Jesse. They both insist they are the real Jesse. Now there's a crowd of confused hyenas wondering who is the real Jesse. They have their blasters drawn because one of these two probably needs to be destroyed. Which one??? The hyenas need help so they don't make a mistake by blasting the wrong guy.

-103- Jesse's mom told the hyenas to look for a belly button since the fake one might not have one. But both had belly buttons and Jesse's mom can't tell them apart.

-104- Carmella was flying over the fields behind Wolf Headquarters when she heard some laughing. She followed the laughter but still could not see anything, and thought it might be coming from a cave. But there were no caves in the area. She followed the sounds and discovered it was coming from a mirror inside a backpack. Chewbacca's mirror! And it really sounded like Rabbit, Darth and Chewbacca were cracking up over something. She decided to take it to the cougars, but just as she was about to fly off, a little hyena grabbed it and ran into the woods. Carmella's still trying to find it.

-105- Carmella finally caught up with the little hyena, put him to sleep with her sleep gun, and brought him to Ruth's office. He didn't have the backpack and wouldn't tell her where he hid it but she's pretty sure it's in the hyena hideout because she caught him coming out of there. He was also talking on his phone & she's pretty sure he was talking with Jesse. She wants to get into the hideout to get the backpack, but doesn't know the password. If you know the password, maybe you guys should head over there.

-106- Our spies listened in to Jesse's call with Tommy. Tommy had a great plan to catch Chewbacca. But first he needed to know the real name of the little hyena so he could find that button on the magic mouth. Then he could trick Chewbacca and catch him. Jesse thought someone was listening to that call (it was us - the 2 Ns!) so he hung up without giving the name. But a little while later, we intercepted a text message from Jesse to Tommy: "His name is Willard. Now go catch Chewbacca, DO IT NOW!" So Jesse thinks that Tommy is going to deliver Chewbacca to him soon. Is that crazy or what? And was that really Tommy? And was that really Jesse? The spies think at least one of them is a fake.

-107- Our spies captured this message, but we can't read it: XJMMBSE JT BDUVBMMZ KFTTF

-108- This is a new hyena spell that is VERY DANGEROUS!! If you hear a hyena singing a song about his nose is clean, it could create a problem for you because YOUR nose will not be clean. You may not feel it right away, but soon enough you will need to clean or blow your nose.