30 Questions From Wolf World

1  Did Chewbacca turn Jesse into a pig?

2  Who is the new leader of the hyenas?

3  What is the gold star?

4  Why is Rabbit asleep?

5  Who is Jimmy's mother?

6  Where is the magic mirror?

7  Where is Ruth usually found?

8  What do red flowers do?

9  What do white flowers do?

10  How can you tell the 2 N's from other wolves?

11  Where is Big Joe Daddy's office?

12  Who is very sensitive about their name?

13  Who is the hyena spy in the wolf headquarters?

14  Where is the key to the magic mirror?

15  Who is Josephine & why does she love Jimmy?

16  What could the underpants be?

17  Who is the tiny squirrel?

18  Who is Manny?

19  What do the purple pumpkins do?

20  How many vaults are there?

21  What happened to Buffalo Bob's brother?

22  What kind of animal is Carmella?

23  What is a red hat? What is a blue hat?

24  What happens if you use the red pen?

25  What is the problem with the hyena scissors?

26  What is in the honey tree?

27  Why do you not want to say "Hi Hi?"

28  Who is in the mirror?

29  Who put the red and white flowers on Mars?

30  What was the silver box used for?